Blog Entry #2

1)      Describe your response to the unit undertaken in Term 1 and the topic of refugees and asylum seekers. What did you learn? What did you come to understand?


I term 1 we learn about refugee’s and asylum seekers. We read and talked about many capturing stories and what extremes they go to get a better life. At the beginning of the unit I thought I had an understanding of what life was to me and the world around me. This unit changed me and the way I see the world. The way the refugees see life is the same book, but a page with a lot more writing.


Over this unit I came to understand how difficult life is for the refugees and how they see a ‘life’. I also looked back upon myself and thought how lucky I was to live the life that I have. To have an education, a house, electronic devices and most of all family. Everyone deserves to have these rights.



2)      Describe your performance over the course of the unit. What were your results like and were you satisfied with how you approached the work?


This unit was appealing to me; I was excited to part in this unit. I was very happy with my work and handed all my work in on time. My results for all my work were surprising and boosted my confidence a lot. I felt I did a great job on my visual text and my oral visual text.



3)       What strategies are you going to put in place for further development and improvement in your work performance? How will you do this?


I think for further development I need to open my mind and process topics and expand my knowledge by researching about topics. I need to spend more time working and checking my work. I will do this by working harder in class and concentrating when working on anything during school.



4)      How would you rate the unit out of ten overall? What feedback or suggestions can you make to improve your enjoyment of the unit further?


I would rate this topic 8/10. The refugee games we good but we need to but put in the refugees. Games as a class and class discussions would make this unit very interesting. Refugee movies would make the classes extremely enjoyable.


This week in English we discussed refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. I found this topic quite interesting and got really into it. I thought our class had a great debate/discussion on this topic. I learnt a lot considering the time we had on this topic. I found the case studies great resources of valuable information. Najeeba’s story was frightening and made it me think twice about the country that I’m living in. Just reading Raph’s story gives me the hebijebitys. He found himself stranded in a war zone and his parents had to send him away south to look for a better life. That linked into the ‘Why people move’ talk that we had in our class. Some fantastic ideas were tossed up. The refugees and migrants work brought more talk to the class. I liked how there was a mini debate going on between the class about how the refugee’s were taking our jobs and working for less money. The handouts helped with statistics and facts to back up our arguments on our work. I found out that Australia has the lowest refugee count in the world. I want to find out why Australia reacts the way we do to incoming refugees when we have the lowest intake in the world of them.

Static Electricity

This is the real wordle as the last one didn’t work!

Thanks Maggie! 🙂

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Cyber Safety Game

The online cyber safety website was really interesting. I found some of the aspects of the game scary and some fun.

The things I found scary was when I was chatting with people and they were asking my questions like ‘where do you live’ and stuff like that, but I always ticked the box that said “I’m not going to tell you’ or something like that. Also when the window got broken and a random guy was standing our side of it.

I found some of the games quite fun. I enjoyed playing on the mobile phone and watching what people were saying in the chat room to one and other. Also making the person and decorating the room was fun.

I learnt that people aren’t always who they say they are because when I was chatting with people, at the end of the conversation it said ‘lift the lid’ and the people didn’t turn out to be who they said they were.

I learnt that protecting your ID is important and you should never give it to anyone you do not know. Also don’t go and meet someone that you don’t know properly without an adult, or don’t even do I at all.

Game website:

My Multiple Intelligence Test Scores

Just recently I completed a multiple intelligences survey. It showed that I have strengths in the intrapersonal (people smart), the logic (number smart) and the musical (music smart) sections. I go scores of intrapersonal 12, logic 11 and musical 11.

 I believe that these are my strongest, because I play the saxophone (which comes under the musical section), I have a wide range of friends inside and out of school and I love maths.

The most interesting thing is that the test proved I’m better in intrapersonal that logic. I would have thought I would of got better in logic that people smart.

Learning this semester

This semester I want to achieve many things. I hope to do also lots of great and spectacular things I want to achieve…….

  • A good report
  • Good test results on all subjects
  • Get no detentions
  • Try my personal best in everything
  • Compete in school events
  • Get along with everyone
  • Hand all of my homework in on time
  • Learn how to use this blog so I know what I’m doing every time I go on it

Those are just some of my many goals that I want to achieve in school learning

Some of my goals outside of school are……..

  • To train my horses Rockets and Rhiannon
  • Do really good in all of the horse riding events I enter.
  • Try new sports
  • Keep fit and healthy

I hope you enjoyed reading my goals!!!